Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another useless scientific study

No, this is not a headline from the tabloids (woman survives 100,000 years to recount the horrors of childbirth) but a study recently conducted by scientists, helping them draw to the astounding conclusion that Neanderthal women also suffered painful childbirth.

See article HERE.

Do we really need to study this kind of thing? I mean isn't it a well-known fact that childbirth is painful? Have you ever heard a woman come out of childbirth saying "Wow, that was so pleasant. It felt great! No pain whatsoever!" If you have, she's lying. Or sarcastic.

Are tax dollars being spent on this kind of thing? I'm thinking "yes".

It's necessary, you say? It's helpful for science; gives us a window into the lives of humans that walked the earth 100,000 years ago? What exactly do we learn from this? Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time and I'd guess that the process has remained essentially the same. Oh sure, we have modern technology. We don't have to squat in a cave or lie down on a bison pelt or bite a stick if it hurts. But the baby still comes out of the same place, in the same way.

Study our past to better understand our future. This just seems silly, indulgent and unnecessary. And I venture to say that childbirth will still be painful 100,000 years from now.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A unique, fast-paced radio variety show making its CHIPFM debut on April, 8;


Rick Wharton is pumped about the opportunity to be part of CHIP, the radio he names, "the last real radio station in Canada."

Widely recognized for his television character, "The Conspiracy Guy", which aired on SPACE, and was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award as best male actor in a television series, Rick has performed in hundreds of commercials, TV shows, films and corporate events.

With a long history in the music business, working several years with Universal Music, Rick has promoted acts such as the Tragically Hip, U2, The Who, Tom Petty, Rick Emmett/Triumph, Aerosmith, BB King, Reba McIntire, Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle, Wynona Judd, Elton John, Guns and Roses and more.

Rick is a great addition to CHIP’s programming!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I fell in love with you here

Quickly - the link on this will expire tomorrow, unless being Easter Sunday the Postsecret blog doesn't get updated, which is unlikely...

The first postcard is a big leaf and Goddess knows how it survived getting mailed from Goddess knows where, but how cool is that anyways?!

I fell in love with you under these leaves.

Do you remember where/how/when you fell in love and if you could mail "it" in to be posted for all to see, would the person with whom you fell in love know it was YOU sending "it" in?

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Sounds like a medical problem, doesn't it?
I find it very difficult to be regular here.
I love to write, but find that if I don't have a specific subject to write about, I struggle to come up with anything to say.

Shut up then, right?

Friday, April 03, 2009

And I should give this to you because...???

I am a sometimes-concert promoter.
Sometimes because I only do it ocassionally.
This year, in May, I have 4 shows with Roger Hodgson, former lead singer for Supertramp, and 3 are sold out (yipee!). The 4th is on its way to being sold out, which means after all is said and done, 12000 people will see his show over the 4 nights.
Needless to say, when a "hot ticket" concert comes along, the promoter usually gets all kinds of requests for free tickets from people they know and people they don't know. It's all part of the game.
Usually a certain amount of tickets are blocked from public sale in order to do promotions, radio giveaways and the like, and yes, some tickets are given to friends and family. That's one of the perks of being the woman in charge.
I was recently asked to give tickets to someone and it's got me a little peeved. A little background is in order...
Mr. Hodgson appeared on Quebec's very popular version of the American Idol show - you know the routine... young people compete against one another for the chance to be named "fill in the blank" winner and hopes to go on to fame and fortune in the music industry.
As a thank-you to the people in charge of this TV program, I set aside a certain number of tickets for their use. I don't care who uses the tickets.
But I got a request from someone in charge that I give 6 front row seats to a man who has nothing to do with the production of said TV show. He is a prominent, high-ranking executive with another company associated with this TV program, but that had nothing to do with the actual production.
This guy probably makes more in a year than I could ever hope to make in my entire career and he's asking me for free tickets.
It puts me in a pretty delicate situation.
What I really want to say to this person is "And I should give this to you because...????"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fiction Friday #1 Creative Solution

This week's instructions:
Setting: An office building - A secondary character says: “Look, somebody has got to make a decision.” Your main character offers a solution.

I'm sitting in my cubicle, trying to ignore the knobs who are gathered in the break room, eating my lunch and surfing the Internet. I'd like to be wearing my headphones also, mostly to block out the discussion that creeps its way over the short space that separates my desk from the kitchen/breakroom but the boss said if I stay at my desk during my lunch hour, I need to look professional in case anyone wanders in for a consultation. Although the chance of that happening is about as thin as that flimsy, silk blouse she wears every time Mr. Pearson is scheduled to come into the office. As if that would work! I know for a fact that Mr. Pearson enjoys the company of girls much younger than my boss, who, to her disadvantage, evacuated the state of "girlhood" a long, long time ago. The perv actually propositioned me last February! He leaned across my desk when he thought no one was looking and salivated, "You know, Karine, I could help you get a leg up around here, if you wanted."


Anyways, back to the incessant noise coming from behind me. I swear these guys are going to drive me nuts with their never-ending debates over which Superhero has the ultimate power. Today they are pitting Iron Man against the Incredible Hulk. I'd choose Iron Man just because Robert Downey Jr. is way cuter than the old guy who used to play the Hulk on TV. Sure he's had a problem with drugs or alcohol or whatever it was in the past, but he's totally done with that now. Well, obviously I don't know that for sure, but he must be because no woman as smart as his wife looks would put up with that nonsense for long. Besides, who could really get into a guy who turns green every time he gets a little pissed off?

Anyways... there was a box of donuts left on the table from this morning's staff meeting and I can now hear the dweebs trying to decide who gets the last one. I guess the sugar and fat from their previous feeding frenzy has worn off because they all sound a little irritable, you know, the way a girl gets during a certain time of the month?

I could feel the hairs on my neck get all prickly the way they do when something really starts to bug me so I decided right then and there that I had to do something about these guys. They are starting to sound like a flock of seagulls fighting over a piece of garbage. So I march myself into the kitchen, right over to the table where the open box of donuts shows one glistening, glazed prize is left. Darrin doesn't see me because his back is to the door and he says, "Look, somebody has GOT to make a decision."

I reach over his shoulder, take the donut and look each of them in the eye: Bill, Gary, that weird South American guy whose name I can never remember, Harold and finally Darrin. They're all staring at me like they think I'm going to do something drastic and then I lick the glaze off the top of that donut and put it back.

"Wonder Woman would kick all of your Superheros' asses. She's strong, she's smart and when she has PMS, you'd all better watch the hell out 'cuz she's one nasty bitch. Besides, they'd all be distracted looking at her boobs."

They stood frozen in their places, staring after me as I walked back to my desk, grabbed my iPod and left the building.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Harsh economic times demand... THIS??


Even in these tough economic times, the government can find an extra $300 million lying around to spend on giving the Montreal Casino a facelift.
There aren't any other ways to better spend the money?
Health care, for example?
Fixing the crumbling infrastructure, for another?
Any schools out there in need of some extra cash? I'm pretty sure there are a few...
Apparently the Casino is a much better investment.